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Discover what judges look for - and why your opinion may differ from the official decision.

  • Test yourself judging round-after-round of explosive action.
  • Go behind the scenes with our expert panel.

Boxing Judge "Tom Kaczmarek has followed up his excellent book You Be The Boxing Judge with an informative and entertaining multimedia seminar by the same name... You Be The Boxing Judge serves a dual purpose if improving competency among officials and increasing the fan's understanding of the sport."

Gregory Juckett
Boxing Digest

"The subject of subjectvitiy in scoring has been debated long and hard, but a new video from respected judge Kaczmarek sheds some light where shadiness is often suspected."

View From NY
Steve Farhood

"...for fans just getting into boxing, or for pro and aspiring pro judges wishing to learn everything they possibly can about the craft, You Be The Boxing Judge may be worth checking out."

Eric Raskin
The Ring
"How many times hav eyou wished you could take that obnoxious, loud mouthed fan or misinformed commentator and put the stripes on him? That's exactly what author and boxing judge Tom Kaczmarek decided to do when he penned the book You Be The Boxing Judge".
Referee Magazine

"Kaczmarek's guidelines ease scoring process".

Franklin McNeil on Boxing
Sunday Star Ledger

Paul Upham article endorses "You Be The Boxing Judge" at Seconds Out.

"It was way beyond my expectations... Anybody who buys it will be satisfied that they are getting their monies worth."
Paul Upham
Contributing Editor to Seconds Out
Read it here.

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